Manual Asst.-Manager
Full-time20K - 25K RMB per monthOnline
Oceania International
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Job Responsibilities

1. Be able to quickly understand an extremely wide range of products and clearly explain their composition, setup, use, and maintenance 2. Be able to assess the structure, layout, and completeness of others' manuals and labels for a similarly wide range of products 3. Be able to manage a small team, training and improving them in their abilities to complete similar tasks 4. Be able to handle documentation and record-keeping or supervision of same

Job Requirements

1. Skillful logical reasoning 2. Intelligent enough to train self in assembling, using, and maintaining a wide range of products and to notice missing but essential information, warnings, &c. 3. Careful enough to be trainable to notice layout and formatting issues 4. Some leadership and social ability, capable of handling a team of <10 people accomplish their work on time

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3~5 years

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