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Finance Manager
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Job Responsibilities

Our client is a new brand , which is a leading Chinese automobile company. Its business scope covers the R&D, production and sales of passenger cars. , commercial vehicles, mini cars, special vehicles, powertrain system and other products. It has sold more than 11 million vehicles, providing products and services for users in more than 80 countries and regions around the world every day.. Responsibilities: 1. Establish accounting system and carry out daily accounting; 2. Handle tax related matters and carry out tax declaration; 3. Find the resources of local financial institutions, negotiate auto financial products and determine the conditions of access, interest rate and approval procedures. Establish a resource bank of financial institutions; 4. Provide financial advice to sales consultants and relevant personnel in time; 5. Analyze various operation indicators and analyze data, find and solve various problems in time. 6. Organize the preparation and revision of the Company's annual operating budget, track the implementation of the budget, analyze the reasons for the difference between the budget and the actual situation, and issue financial opinions. 7. Exchange rate risk control, formulate corresponding exchange lock scheme and product pricing strategy for exchange rate fluctuations. Warehousing Management: Ensure the effective operation of warehouses and storage facilities, including inventory management, goods handling, and storage, to minimize inventory losses and costs. Transportation and Distribution: Manage the logistics transportation network to ensure the safe and timely delivery of raw materials and components, while minimizing transportation costs. Quality and Compliance: Ensure that logistics operations comply with all relevant regulations and quality standards to mitigate potential risks. Cost Control: Manage and oversee the logistics budget, seeking opportunities for cost-effectiveness and efficiency improvements.

Job Requirements

1. Bachelor's degree in accounting, finance and other related majors; 2. 3 to 5 years working experience in accounting, financing or auto finance; 3. Speak English and Spanish; 4. Experience is auto id preferred. Interested parties, please email to caroline.lin@nstarts.com

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Finance Manager


3~5 years

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