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Korean tutor
Full-time10K - 15K RMB per monthBeijing
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Job Responsibilities

(This position is sales, salary structure is base salary + performance) 1. Urge students to attend and finish classes on time, and conduct after-class tutoring regularly, 2. Establish close contact with parents, maintain good communication, timely report students' classes to parents, and establish long-term customer trust relationship, 3. Promote renewal + course expansion, timely promote user conversion according to relevant standards and requirements, and pay attention to students' course registration. <업무 내용> 1. 학생들이 수업을 제시간에 하고 마칠 수 있도록 관리하고, 정기적으로 학습케어진행 2.학부모와 원활한 소통을 유지하며, 학생들의 수업 상황을 얘기하고, 장기적인 고객 신뢰 관계 유지 3.재구매 + 다과목, 관련 기준과 요구에 따라 학생 정규과정 전환과 학생 수업 등록 상황케어

Job Requirements

1. Bachelor degree or above, native Korean, 2. Good communication skills and service awareness, 3. Responsible and patient, willing to devote to education, 4. Solid basic knowledge of primary school, no requirement for teacher certificate. <자격요건> 1.인턴혹은 대학 이상의 학력. 한국어 능숙 2. 서비스 정신있고, 소통력이 강하신분 3.책임감과 인내심이 있으며, 교육분야에 관심있으신분

Required Languages

Mandarin, Korean

Job Details

Position type

Admissions Consultant/Study Abroad Consultant


Unlimited experience

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