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Art Teacher - Beijing - August, 2023
Full-time30K - 35K RMB per monthBeijing
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Job Responsibilities

Job Description A well - known international kindergarten in Beijing, is looking to hire an Art Teacher for August, 2023 start. They're looking for someone who's experienced in KG teaching, and Montessori experience is highly preferred. They'd consider candidates from ALL OVER THE WORLD. The Kindergarten was established in 1992, and it's the first Beijing-based kindergarten to adopt the Montessori educational philosophy. It is a part of one of the largest Education Groups in China. Employer Description The Kindergarten, established in 1992, was the first Beijing-based kindergarten to adopt the Montessori educational philosophy. It is a part of one of the largest Education Groups in China. The school's goal is to boost children's independence, creativity, and self-confidence, by focusing on practical, hands-on activities. Their approach fosters positive values like perseverance, tolerance, and compassion, while also encouraging children to explore their own unique needs and interests in a social environment. This kindergarten centers on the belief that love is the foundation of everything they do, instilling a philosophy of self-love, love for learning, and love for exploration and discovery. Benefits 1. Monthly Salary: RMB 30,000 - 38,000 (open, and negotiable) 2. Tax Refunding Assistance for Housing 3. Covering all expense for visa documents, and application 4. Flight Reimbursement (up to 10,000 for per year) 5. Relocation Reimbursement (up to RMB 3,500) 6. Tuition Waiver 7. Medical Insurance 8. Chinese Social Insurance 9. 100% paid holidays (7-10 weeks holidays per year on top of public holidays)

Job Requirements

Job Requirements 1. Educational/work background: Possess relevant educational background, preferably with a bachelor's degree or higher in education, art education, or a related field. 2. Montessori education knowledge: Familiarity with Montessori education philosophy and methods, and the ability to apply these principles in early childhood education. Holding Montessori education-related certification or training is a plus. 3. Art expertise: Possess professional knowledge and skills in art-related domains, such as drawing, sculpture, handicrafts, etc. Having an art education background or a relevant bachelor's degree in art will be favored. 4. Teaching experience: Have some teaching experience in early childhood education, especially in the field of art. Experience in a kindergarten or preschool education institution will be prioritized. 5. Creativity and inspiration: Demonstrate rich creativity and inspiration, able to inspire children's interest in art and design creative and engaging art activities. 6. Communication and collaboration abilities: Possess excellent communication and collaboration skills, able to build positive relationships with children, parents, and the education team. Strong communication skills in both Chinese and English are required. 7. Cross-cultural adaptability: Have the ability to adapt to an international learning environment, respecting and understanding students and parents from different cultural backgrounds. 8. Continuous learning mindset: Willingness and ability to engage in ongoing learning, continuously updating knowledge and art teaching skills to enhance professional competence.

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1~3 years

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