AI Data Engineer
Full-time10K - 15K RMB per monthShenzhen
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Job Responsibilities

Team MarsCrowd is an ambitious, driven team with a mission to transform the AI Machine learning Data industry with the best possible service and programs aiming to support Startups and those companies trying to create a better world through AI. We thrive in a dynamic, high-paced work environment, while we work towards our goal of global expansion and make a better world through Machine learning. You • Enjoy being part of a multicultural team • Get excited by the potential to grow • Proactive in seeking new improvement opportunities for your managed projects and tasks • Able to detect patterns or trends before anyone else • Strong problem-solving abilities • Strong planning abilities • Excellent ability to understand the organization’s goals and objectives Role •Manage AIE engineers team (1-2 interns) •Create high quality AI project samples to obtain project approval from client •Assist sales and marketing teams to understand our client’s needs for AI project •Develop our current pricing database and calculate the cost for new AI project •Train and confirm that our PMs and annotators have the knowledge to proceed the project •Ensure the QA responsible team performs up to internal requested standards •Configure the format of data from client and make it compatible with our platform •Design methods for quality control

Job Requirements

Requirements •Bachelor degree or above majoring in Computer Science, math, statistics, or business analysis •Strong Excel skills and critical thinking skills •Strong communication skills and at least business fluent in English •Love to research for different industries •Have some programming knowledge such as python, HTML, and SQL •Have some machine learning techniques

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Data engineer


3~5 years

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