Jiangsu Eco Green Energy Co., Ltd.
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Job Responsibilities

Job description Detail of daily working 1.Develop and maintain suppliers 2.Send the request to different factories, collecting all the price, making comparison sheet, and get the best one send to sales. Follow up all the request that sent. 3.Before order confirmation, check with factory and sales carefully for each detail. 4.All the inner documents, comparison sheet before offering, confirmation sheet before confirming, commission contract, commission list every month. Also make the PI and PO. Fill in the CRM system on time. 5.Prepare well before the product meeting, let all the sales know each product situation and tendency. Promote several products every week. 6.Prepare the price list for Brussels fair, Qingdao fair, etc. 7. Summary per month, trimester, annual. Order Confirmation and follow up 1.Once order is confirmed, first issue the confirmation sheet to get approved from boss. 2.Issuing PI and PO for client and suppliers, make sure there is no any mistake on it. 3.Follow both contracts to be signed back on time. 4.Coordinate with the admin the orders to be shipped out on time, and assist QC team if any quality claims happened. 5.Push suppliers pay back commission when client’s payment is done. 6.Issuing commission list by the end of month We provide you: RMB 6000-7000 basic salary + Commission + Annual Bonus We pay the visa for you We offer you accommodation close to the office, walking distance. We help you set up in China with daily need. Please send your resume in English, and indicate the position applied in English.

Job Requirements

Requirements - Oral English in a professional environment - Ability to interact successfully across cultures - Good communication skills (oral and written) - Negotiation and persuasion skills Required Languages English

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International Trade



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