Field Service Engineer -Malaysia
Full-time15K - 20K RMB per monthMalaysia
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Job Responsibilities

Responsibility: 1. After-sales service management 1) Equipment installation and maintenance machine; Handle and feedback client problems; Record and feedback the new machine installation information and sign the new machine installation document; 2) Organize customer training; Compile and enter the daily work report; 3) Collect and report client equipment purchase information 4) Provide implementation application scheme; Implement engineering changes; 5) Cooperate in handling customer needs 6) Maintain customer relationship and promote secondary sales orders; Promote the company's products and communicate customer selection needs; 7) After-sales visit 2. After-sales spare parts inventory and sales management 1) Recommend customers to purchase equipment spare parts; 2) Provide maintenance suggestions; Execute lending and returning materials. 3. Handling of machine return and replacement 1) Check, pack and replace machine materials; 2) Arrange the return and replacement machine logistics. 4. Customer complaint and file management 1) Collect and feedback customer complaint information 2) Collate and summarize the information of client devices 3) Prepare customer files. If you have some interested pls contact with Olay Dong as below: Email: Whatsapp:+86 19925370749 LinkedIn:

Job Requirements

Qualified: 1. At least 2 years of experience in the installation, commissioning and maintenance of semiconductor test equipment; College degree or above 2. Good electronic and electrical foundation, able to use general instruments and meters, such as oscilloscope and multimeter; 3. Strong language organization and communication skills, self-management ability; 4. Familiar with office software; 5. Be able to communicate in Chinese and English If you have some interested pls contact with Olay Dong as below: Email: Whatsapp:+86 19925370749 LinkedIn:

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1~3 years

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