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Job Responsibilities

1、Design and implement conversational AI solutions using large language models such as GPT (OpenAI), focusing on customization, tuning, and integration for specific applications. 2、Develop responsive, user-centered iOS and Android mobile applications, utilizing cross-platform frameworks when necessary. 3、Build scalable backend and middleware systems, with a focus on low latency and streaming APIs in highly scalable environments. 4、Deploy and manage applications on cloud computing platforms (AWS, GCP, Azure) and Firebase, implement application code configuration, and practice GitHub CI/CD for continuous integration and deployment. 5、Implement robust data management solutions, including RESTful and GraphQL API development and database management (SQL & NoSQL). 6、Ensure application security and compliance by following best practices in cryptography, authentication, authorization, and data privacy. 7、Collaborate in an agile/Scrum environment to drive continuous improvement and promote a culture of excellence.

Job Requirements

Advanced degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, or related field. Over 5 years of experience in low latency API-focused software development projects utilizing AI technologies. Deep expertise in working with large language models (LLMs), including experience in tuning, customization, and integration of these models. Highly proficient in developing mobile applications for iOS (using Swift or Objective-C) and Android (using Kotlin or Java), including familiarity with cross-platform frameworks. Strong background in backend and middleware development, with skills in Golang, Python, Java Spring Boot, or similar technologies. Expertise in developing low latency and streaming APIs in highly scalable environments. In-depth understanding of cloud services (AWS, GCP, Azure), Firebase platform, and microservices architecture, including practical experience in deploying and managing scalable applications with code configuration and GitHub CI/CD. Familiarity with data management, including RESTful and GraphQL API development, and knowledge of SQL & NoSQL databases. Understanding of security protocols, cryptography, authentication, authorization, and data privacy. Experience with agile/Scrum methodology. Excellent communication and teamwork skills, able to collaborate with various stakeholders and drive project progress. Self-driven and passionate, with problem-solving and innovation abilities. Strong time management and organizational skills, able to effectively handle multiple projects and tasks. Willingness to continuously learn, explore, and apply new technologies. Relevant certifications or professional qualifications will be considered as an additional advantage.

Required Languages

English, Mandarin

Job Details

Position type

Front-end development engineer


1~3 years

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