Lobby Assistant Manager for a High-end Club in Beijing
Full-time15K - 20K RMB per monthBeijing
Beijing Better Choice Human Resource Co., Ltd.
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Job Responsibilities

1. Receive and see off guests, check the reception of important guests. Handle and file guest complaints. 接待和迎送客人,检查接待重要客人的工作。处理客人投诉,并将重要投诉写成案例存档。 2. Assist the club leaders and related functional departments to deal with all kinds of emergencies in the club. 协助会所领导和有关职能部门,处理在会所内发生的各种突发事件。 3. Answer guest inquiries and provide necessary assistance and services. 解答宾客询问并向宾客提供必要的协助和服务。 4. Be familiar with the characteristics of the guests, take the initiative to seek advice from the guests, and actively develop the relationship with the guests. 熟悉了解客人特点,主动向客人征求意见,积极融洽和客人之间的关系。 5. Responsible for the signing, storage, search and claim of the guests' belongings and safekeeping. 负责客人遗留物、保管物的签收、保管、查找及认领工作。 6. Coordinate the relationship between various departments to provide quality services. 协调各部门之间的关系提供优质服务。 7. Receive guest reservation, be responsible for the implementation of reservation and inform relevant departments, and follow up the reservation. 接受客人预订,负责预订的落实并通知有关部门,做好预订的跟进。 8. Supervise the staff to operate according to the standard, provide courteous service, and check the working conditions of the front office staff. 督导员工按规范操作,礼貌服务,检查前厅工作人员的工作状况。 9. Assisted the Front Desk Cashier to deal with customer account issues. 协助前台收银处理客人帐务方面的问题, 10. Maintains order, hygiene and guest safety in the lobby, keeping the lobby quiet, elegant and civilized at all times. 维护大堂秩序、卫生和客人安全,经常保持大堂肃静、优雅和文明。 11. Carefully fill in the Lobby Assistant Manager's Log, collect relevant information regularly, attach opinions and suggestions, and report to the superior or the management of the newspaper. 认真填写《大堂副理日志》,定期汇总有关信息,并附上见解和建议,上报上级或能报社管理层人员。 12. Responsible for managing the sanitation and order around the club and in the parking lot. 负责管理会所外围、停车场的卫生与秩序。 Privilege权限: 1. Supervise, coordinate and follow up the production and completion of tasks of each department according to the client reservation. 根据预订情况,跟进各部门生产、完成任务情况,解决各部门经营问题。 2. Follow up the consumption of VIP guests, provide discounts. 重要客人的消费跟进,可提供相应折扣。 3. Inform relevant departments of complaint handling and supervise the implementation. 投诉的处理通知有关部门,并监督执行。

Job Requirements

1. Nationality: European 国籍:欧洲 2. Age: 25-35 年龄:25-35岁 3. Height requirement: female 1.7m and above, male: 1.8m and above. 女性,身高170以上;男性,身高180以上,仪表端庄,身材匀称。 4. Bachelor degree, fluent English and Chinese speaker. Ability to communicate in Chinese is preferred 本科学历,中英文听说流利,可无障碍中文沟通者优先; 5. Strong language skills, communication and coordination skills, familiar with business operation environment is preferred. 较强的语言表达能力和沟通协调能力,熟悉商业运营经营环境者优先。 6. Familiar with public relations etiquette, psychology, management and hotel business knowledge. 懂得公关礼仪、心理学,管理学及有关酒店业务知识。 7. At least one year working experience in hotel management position. 一年以上的酒店业管理岗工作经验。 8. Ability to use computer to operate office software. 能运用电脑操作办公软件。 9. Understand Chinese social etiquette and business operation is preferred. 对中国社会商业运作及社交礼仪有一定了解并接受者优先。

Required Languages

Mandarin, English

Job Details

Position type

Other catering and hotel positions


1~3 years

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