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Private Chef - Russian
Full-time20K - 25K RMB per monthShanghai
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Job Responsibilities

1. According to the requirements of the timely preparation of menus.Needweek menu with photos . Same with the desert and drink. 2. Regularly develop new dishes, update recipes, with good digital photosand text introduction and make cost estimates. Week for 1 new, like Russian food. 3. In charge of weekly/monthly inventories.Organize the food in therefrigerator and keep the food fresh; need records. 4. Responsible for overseeing the cleanliness, hygiene and maintenance ofthe kitchen and undertakes steps necessary to maintain the highest possible standards in this area. 5. Also checks on personal hygiene, clean uniforms, sanitation andcleanliness of the workstations, sanitation of the work tools. Be aware of thedangers of contaminated food and the needs to proper checking and turnoverof the mise-en-place in the refrigerators. Reports to the Owner on anyproblems to take appropriate actions. 6. Correct usage of all equipment, tools and machines. 7. Checks all equipments in the restaurants and make sure that all are ingood working order, and if necessary reports to the Owner for any faults andproblems to be solved. Prepares the necessary work orders to theEngineering department. 8. Willingness to learn and adapt to changes and Having a open-mindedapproach to constructive feedback, in order to constantly improve theCulinary operation and meet targets. 9. Maintain at all times a professional and positive attitude towards histeam members, and supervisors alike, and behave in accordance to theestablished restaurant rules. To ensure smooth operation of the department. 10. Can be asked to work for off site events

Job Requirements

Bachelor's degree. Relevant Chef or Restaurant experience.

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Unlimited experience

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