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Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for carrying out accounting work and preparing accounting vouchers; 2. Responsible for preparing financial and accounting statements and budget implementation reports; 3. Responsible for reviewing the financial related contracts; 4. Expense and bill management: responsible for the company's daily expense reimbursement and payment business review, loan clearance and invoice collection; 5. Carry out A/R management: responsible for customer introduction review, customer credit management, reconciliation and collection, completing daily accounting of revenue and accounts receivable, timely issuing of customer invoices and aging analysis of accounts receivable; 6. Carry out A/P management: be responsible for daily processing of various payment processes, reconciliation of transactions with suppliers, entry of accounting vouchers related to A/P and prepayment, ensuring the original vouchers, and timely follow-up of purchase invoices, contracts, delivery notes and other documents; 7. Carry out cost management: be responsible for daily cost accounting, ensure the accuracy and completeness of cost data, prepare various cost statements, and reasonably analyze various costs; 8. Statistics and tabulation: complete all kinds of internal and external required statistical data and financial statements accurately on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, and be able to make brief analysis and explanation, and report with the financial director monthly; 9. Tax-related business management: assist the financial director to do a good job in the company's tax declaration and supervision, tax calculation, tax risk management, and tax planning, and strengthen the exchange and communication with the local tax department; 10. Other work: responsible for the binding of accounting vouchers, the printing, circulation, filing, sorting and binding of various documents and materials of the department, and other work assigned by the leaders.

Job Requirements

1. Experienced in enterprise financial accountant, with more than three years of enterprise financial experience; 2. Familiar with accounting, analysis, tax, budget and other businesses, and master financial information knowledge; 3. Familiar with financial accounting theories, methods and tools; 4. Fluent in English.

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Job Details

Position type

Accountant/Finance Professional


5~10 years

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