Overseas sales manager
Full-timeNegotiableRussia or Southeast Asian countries
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Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for developing and maintaining agents and retail chain channels, and maintaining daily customer relationship; 2. Complete the development and sales of channel customers as required by the Department to ensure the achievement of various indicators; 3. Track and understand the customer's operating conditions and report them in time so as to make timely adjustment of sales policies; 4. Work actively and carefully, maintain one-to-one visits and communication with customers, and establish a good corporate image; 5. Implement various sales policies of the company, complete monthly / quarterly / annual sales targets and implement various standards; 6. Be able to travel, work hard and have a strong sense of team.

Job Requirements

1. There are no restrictions on men and women. Working experience in mother and baby industry, paper industry, health care industry and FMCG industry is preferred; 2. College degree or above, love sales work; 3. Healthy body, outgoing and optimistic personality, strong affinity and strong expression ability; 4. Strong customer negotiation, communication and coordination skills; 5. Able to withstand strong working pressure and adapt to business trip in the region; 6. Skill requirements: skilled use of office software.

Required Languages

Mandarin, Other

Job Details

Position type

Business manager


3~5 years

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