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Job Responsibilities

1. Fully understand the company's products, excavate and refine product selling points. 2. Study the differentiated features and advantages and disadvantages of competing products, edit details pages/posters/media promotion copywriting and other English content based on user portraits and combined with the core selling points of the product, and ensure the accuracy of the output. 3. Follow up and review related English content such as product packaging/instructions, and assist the company in organizing product information. 4. Responsible for the optimization of graphics and text after the products of the category are put on the shelves.

Job Requirements

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in English, advertising, news communication, marketing, international trade, etc. 2. English level 6 or above, understand overseas culture, have professional vocabulary and knowledge of infringing terms, and have strong text extraction and writing skills. 3. More than 1 year experience in product copywriting planning, good at graphic copywriting is preferred. 4. Work meticulously and conscientiously, with strong communication skills and teamwork skills.

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