Chief creative designer
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HanYa design
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1. Carried out conceptual design, plane layout design, ceiling facade design and main node design of the hotel, and expressed the plan by hand; 2. Provide intention pictures to guide modeling and rendering; 3. Have material knowledge, guide and cooperate with accessories department to complete the work 4. Assisted in the production of construction drawings, and dealt with problems on the design site; 5. Check the design of drawings, design documents and page numbering of drawings before drawing out 6. Assist superior leaders to communicate with others 7. After the completion of the project, summarize, archive and summarize the project data. 8. Finish other works that told by leaders.


1. Bachelor degree or above, major in interior design, college of fine arts or related college 2. Experience in the design of five-star hotels or large scale decoration projects. 3. Good art design skills and hand-drawing ability; Proficient in interior decoration program design, master various skills of program design, can efficiently deal with various problems in the design process. 4. Able to complete individual cases independently and design independently, with bold and innovative design and strong scheme ability. 5. Good communication skills, good presentation skills and team spirit.

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Architectural / Building & Construction



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