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Artsky Culture Media(Shanghai)Co.,ltd
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Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for the formation of the MCN team and recruitment; manage the MCN team, plan the team system, and the overall operation mode 2. Familiar with the characteristics and development trends of Internet e-commerce content, formulate team goals, and improve conversion effects and productivity. 3. Produce high-quality content, create talents, and realize commercial realization through short video marketing or live broadcast. 4. Responsible for the overall management of the operation of each new media account under the MCN matrix, including but not limited to Tiktok, Weibo, WeChat official account, Bilibili, Xiaohongshu, etc., to quickly increase the number of fans, broadcasts and account influence; 5. Responsible for guiding the planning and implementation of the operation plan of the content operation project, including guiding the formulation of operation strategies, distribution channel planning, KOL expert cooperation, data analysis reports, etc. 6 Familiar with short video delivery, live broadcast operation, IP creation and other fields; 6. Responsible for creative event planning, event marketing, communication planning, etc.

Job Requirements

1. Excellent listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in Thai and English, able to use it as a working language, and familiar with Thai local society and culture; 2. Short video content lovers, have a strong interest and certain opinions on overseas short video and live broadcast apps and content; 3. Have good communication and learning skills, and be able to promote project progress in teamwork;

Required Languages

English, Thai, Mandarin

Job Details

Position type

Digital Marketing/Social Media Marketing


Unlimited experience

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