oversea sales(Port Machinery)
Full-timeNegotiableUSA, Canada, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, East Asia, Philippines, Russia, Ukraine, Middle East, Indonesia, North America, Australia
Sanyi Port Machinery Limited Liability Company
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Job Responsibilities

1.college diploma or above 2.relevant work experience is preferred 3.the language of Chinese is preferred 4.strong verbal and writing communication skills,well-organized with an aptitude in problem-solving

Job Requirements

1. Responsible for the sales of port equipment products in overseas regions (The United States, Canada, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Russia, Ukraine, Indonesia, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, etc.); 2. Responsible for overseas customer development and maintenance, channel management, etc.; 3. Organize the preparation of a national sales plan and annual sales outline, promote the implementation, in order to achieve sales targets; 4. Organized the formulation of production, sales and inventory plans, controlled inventory and promoted the coordination of production and sales; 5. Organize the formulation and improvement of sales policies, and monitor their implementation; 6. Coordinated product quotation, contract review, stock preparation, delivery, payment collection management and risk control; 7. Coordinate with product definition and R&D, prepare requirements and analysis reports of various products; 8. Responsible for regional team management.

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1~3 years

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