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Game operations
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Job Responsibilities

Game operations (Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia) responsibilities: 1, responsible for the establishment of overseas operations system, the development of product distribution strategy and plan, to promote the normal online games and operations; 2. be responsible for overseas user market research, mining user needs, adjusting product design, optimizing product functions, formulating localization strategies and adjustment plans 3. Based on the characteristics of the target users and the testing data of each stage of the game, 4, commercial content planning follow-up, focus on commercial system design follow-up, each version of the commercial analysis and optimization; 5, analysis of game data, development of game product optimization plan, communicate with marketing staff to ensure the game's return. 岗位职责: 1、负责搭建海外运营体系,制定产品的发行策略与计划,推动游戏正常上线与运营; 2、负责海外用户市场调研,挖掘用户需求,调整产品设计,优化产品功能,制定本地化策略与调整方案; 3、基于游戏目标用户的特征和各阶段测试数据,进行游戏商业化内容规划; 4、商业化内容规划跟进,重点商业化系统设计跟进,各版本商业化分析及调优; 5、分析游戏数据,制定游戏产品调优方案,与市场人员沟通投放策略,保证游戏的回收。

Job Requirements

1, proficient in the local language, listening, speaking, reading and writing fluency, can normally use the local language business development and communication. 2. One year game operation experience is preferred, or internet information industry operation experience, familiar with Southeast Asian Indonesia market is preferred 3. Strong interest in games or game industry. 4, familiar with the game user behavior and overseas different countries players like the type of game, can be sensitive to explore and grasp the market dynamic letter; mining product selling points, combined with the actual market operation strategy. 任职资格: 1、精通当地语言,听说读写流利,能正常使用当地语言进行业务拓展与沟通。 2、有一年左右游戏运营经验为佳,或有互联网信息行业运营经验,熟悉东南亚印尼市场优先; 3、对游戏或游戏行业有浓厚兴趣。 4、熟悉游戏用户行为及海外不同地区国家玩家喜好的游戏类型,能敏锐的发掘和把握市场动态信;挖掘产品卖点,结合市场实际落地运营策略。

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