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Warehouse Manager
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Job Responsibilities

Responsibilities 1. Receive the goods according to the order and put them into the warehouse according to the order to ensure timeliness and accuracy: 2. Establish and manage warehouse material accounts to ensure that the accounts are in line with each other; responsible for ensuring the safety of materials 3. Execute order picking and order delivery: 4. Strictly implement the material warehousing system and accurate account management: 5. Responsible for regular inventory of materials, and promote warehouse account-consistency management: 6. Connect with other departments in the street, and serve each production process in a timely and effective manner: 1. Responsible for the management of material transfer between factories and domestic material transfer: 2. Responsible for the unloading of imported containers and container management: logistics distribution 3. Responsible for the distribution and online distribution of assembly materials and the improvement and optimization of related work: 4. Responsible for the distribution of semi-finished products between processes: 5. Formulate and improve logistics distribution related management formulation and process: 6. Responsible for the overall planning and implementation of the material distribution work of the Vietnam company, as well as optimization and improvement work, etc.:

Job Requirements

Qualifications: 1.Diploma or above, bachelor degree is preferred; 2.Professional knowledge related to logistics management 3.Chinese can be used as working language 4.More than 5 years relevant work experience skills;Have good planning and organization skills, communication skills, and interpersonal coordination skills;

Required Languages

Mandarin, Vietnamese

Job Details

Position type

Manufacturing Manager


5~10 years

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