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German Foreign teacher
Full-time20K - 25K RMB per monthBeijing
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Job Responsibilities

"work content": teach German to kindergarten to senior high school students, make teaching plans, organize and plan German cultural activities in school, assist in opening up international communication and further study channels, etc. "entry time": expected to begin in February 2024 "working hours": shift system. Basically work 5 days a week and take 2 days off. China is closed on legal holidays. Pay overtime allowance after working hours. "form of salary": monthly payment "salary": the salary is determined according to teaching experience and ability, more than 20000 yuan / month. Jingbei campus provides single room dormitory. Three meals a day are free in the school canteen. The visa fee to be paid in China will be borne by the school. After one year of work, you can provide a return ticket to visit your relatives. The school is responsible for insuring foreign teachers. Chinese classes can be arranged according to the situation. Paid winter and summer vacation. Visa: provide foreign expert certificate

Job Requirements

"qualifications": 1. German native speakers. There is no limit to the level of Chinese. 2. Under the age of 58 (due to visa requirements). 3. Four-year university degree or above (due to visa requirements) 4. Those who have the education qualification certificate of their own country or German English education certificate are preferred. 5. Experience as a German or English teacher is preferred. 6. Can teach young people and young children, like children, can create a fun learning environment, cheerful and friendly personality, strong sense of responsibility, patience, challenging spirit and strong execution. 7. Be in good health, have no bad habits such as drinking, taking drugs, etc., and abide by the laws of China.

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Job Details

Position type

Subject Teacher


1~3 years

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