Expert Services Assistant (Intern)
Full-timeUnder 10K RMB per monthXi'an
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Job Responsibilities

We are a friendly company ,it’s acceptable if you don’t have relevant experience, as long as you have good English skills and positive working attitude, we will train you . We will arrange positions according to individual personality traits The current recruitment is for the Expert Services and Visa Consulting Department 1.candidates must under student visa, excellent English skills(English native preferred. non English native speakers IELTS: 8 or higher), administrative and human resources related work experience, recruitment experience, good at salary performance, employee training is preferred; 2. Have basic English reading and writing language expression and communication skills, affinity and service awareness, responsibility and professionalism; 3. Meticulous and conscientious work, proactive attitude, good execution and professionalism, teamwork and coordination ability; 4. Proficient in using office software, have certain data processing and statistical analysis capabilities; 5. Have good learning ability, adaptability and stress resistance. 6.Major: Human Resource/MBA/Marketing/Advertisement/Translation

Job Requirements

Salary : 2-10K (Basic Salary + high% commission ) 1.Intern visa provided + Insurance 2.Follow the government time from Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm(2 hours lunch break) 3. Various incentive allowances: performance award, full attendance award, year-end bonus, excellent employee award, other subsidies, etc., salary increase opportunities for outstanding personnel, equity opportunities; 4. As an organization that advocates lifelong learning, it has 1V1 work guidance~ 5. Convenient transportation to work, the original address is located in Nanshaomen, and the new address is now located in Bilingual Community, No. 17, No. 10111, Vanke Oriental Legend commercial real estate under residential buildings, Qujiang New District, Xi'an Metro Line 5 Huangqutou Station 6. If you like foreign-related business, headhunting, visa, immigration, study abroad and organizing and planning bilingual activities or challenging yourself, join us~

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