Cloud Computing Instructor
Part-time25K - 30K RMB per monthOnline
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Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for the teaching of cloud computing related courses, and complete the teaching tasks according to the progress; 2. Responsible for Alibaba Cloud International training and Q&A.

Job Requirements

1. Solid computer foundation, at least three years of practical development experience in big data, computer related majors are preferred; 2. Proficient in Linux related operations, proficient in configuring DNS, Apache, Mysql, Ng in x, Tomcat, git, LVS, Keepalived, ceph, Kickstart, red is, mongo db, ELK and other servers; 3. Familiar with at least one of the public clouds such as Docker Container, K8S, Open Stack, and Alibaba Cloud; 4. Online part-time cooperation projects, at least 3 days of teaching per month; 5. Experience in curriculum development and teaching is preferred; About Us: Practical Cloud is a strategic partner of Alibaba Cloud University, responsible for Alibaba Cloud University certification, course content development, certification exam operation and management, and other businesses. Welcome to join us to help more students!

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5~10 years

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