Global Market Research Engineer(or Trainee)
Dynamic Technologies(China)Co, Ltd.
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Job Responsibilities

Job content 1. According to the company's market and product strategic positioning, conduct international market and policy, customer research and analysis; 2. According to the research results, sort out the research report;

Job Requirements

1. Be available for work in the near future, at least 3 days a week, internship for more than 3 months; 2. Foreign students are preferred, those with overseas study experience are preferred, majors in science and engineering and marketing; 3. Excellent oral communication and reading and writing skills in English/Spanish/French/Persian/Arabic, etc., able to read consultation reports/government policies and reports without barriers, 4. Strong writing ability and good copywriting ability; 5. With strong information gathering and analysis capabilities, I hope that the search engine you use most often is Google.

Required Languages

Persian, French, English, Spanish

Job Details

Position type

Other technical positions


Unlimited experience

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