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Product Management Engineer
Full-timeNegotiableWork remotely based in Europe
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Job Responsibilities

Responsible for photovoltaic inverters, energy storage converters and related system products. 1. According to the company's overall strategic plan, formulate research plans for photovoltaic and energy storage industries, complete and decompose and implement market research tasks; 2.Responsible for researching, collecting and analyzing information related to product marketing, such as industry development, competitors, competing products, and target industry applications, as well as researching industry macro - environment dynamics, industry conditions, demand changes, and market competition patterns, and maintaining product information platforms; 3. Responsible for collecting and sorting out product technical demand information fed back by technical support personnel, promotion personnel in various regions and design institutes; 4. Continue to explore the market and customer needs, rationally plan product development and functions, and coordinate and promote the implementation of product functions; 5. Responsible for relevant product lines, various forms of marketing, business and technical support, product technical consulting work according to the needs of customers, industry markets and sales departments, and responsible for product technology and selling point training for personnel in various departments; 6. Responsible for the release of new products , market planning and promotion , and assist the brand department to organize and implement publicity activities related to the product market , and continuously enhance the influence of the company's product brand; 7. Provide personalized industry application promotion materials for the products under its jurisdiction, such as product electronic promotion materials, product marketing materials, industry promotion materials, product selling point data, and product training for business personnel and other related materials; 8. Organize and coordinate product-related departments to ensure the connection and smoothness of product resources and processes within the company, and coordinate and solve corresponding problems. Contact: Please submit your CV to Email: mingyue.w@hiredchina.com LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mingyue-w-781591195/

Job Requirements

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in power system, power electronics, electrical engineering, automation, energy storage, etc.; have 2 years or more experience in new energy research and development or market work such as photovoltaics, energy storage, etc. 2. Possess a strong insight and forward-looking ability to products and technologies, have a strategic vision, and be able to independently plan product lines; 3. Have a high degree of interest and sensitivity to new products and technologies emerging in the market, and have good innovation capabilities; 4. Have strong communication skills and teamwork spirit; 5. Be able to conduct sufficient and effective written and oral technical and business communication with domestic and foreign customers; 6. Good communication skills in English

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Job Details

Position type

Product manager


3~5 years

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