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Job Responsibilities

【主播的日常】 [Daily life of the host] 1.负责tiktok海外平台的全英文直播; 1. Be responsible for the live broadcast of tiktok overseas platform in English; 2.直播间粉丝互动,保持和提升直播间良好气氛,引导粉丝消费; 2. Fans interact in the live broadcast room, maintain and improve the good atmosphere in the live broadcast room, and guide fans to consume; 3.制定直播计划,进行话术优化; 3. Formulate live broadcast plan and optimize scripts; 4.定期整理用户需求以及意见,为公司提供决策依据; 4. Regularly sort out user needs and opinions to provide decision-making basis for the company; 5.讲解公司产品卖点,能对粉丝的针对性问题答疑互动。 5. Explain the selling points of the company's products, and be able to answer questions and interact with fans. 6.总结优化直播效果及数据,不断复盘。 6. Summarize and optimize the live broadcast effect and data, and constantly review.

Job Requirements

1.不限学历,不限性别,英语口语流利,沟通无障碍; 1. No limitation on education background and gender, fluent oral English, and barrier free communication; 2.形象气质佳,性格活泼,善于调动气氛; 2. Good image and temperament, lively personality, good at mobilizing atmosphere; 3.热爱短视频直播工作,镜头感强。 3. Love short video live broadcast, with strong sense of lens.

Required Languages

Mandarin, English

Job Details

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Unlimited experience

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