Business Manager
Full-time10K - 15K RMB per monthJapan - 东京大阪京都名古屋北海道冲绳福岛札幌横滨
Guangdong Qiyouji International Travel Agency Co., Ltd.
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Job Responsibilities

1.Contacting with hotels groups,supplier,DMC to cooperation and boost API direct connection. 与酒店集团、供应商 地接联系合作,促进系统几口直接对接。 2.Responsible for rate negotiation,maintain the business relationship with supplier(Including contract sign with hotels in Japa, API direct connection,policy negotiation,assist processing bookings issue) 负责费率谈判,维护与供应商的业务关系(包括与日本酒店合同签订、系统接口直接对接、政策谈判、协助处理预订问题) 3.Responsible for developing the supplier’ products and maintaining applying policy with changing of products. 负责费率谈判,负责开发供应商的产品,并维护产品变更的应用政策。 4.Pay attention to the cooperation status of .suppliers in the cooperation area to ensure the normal operation of related business 关注合作区域内供应商的合作情况,确保相关业务正常运作 5.Understand and master the relevant information of the international hotel business market, complete the evaluation and recommendation of cooperative hotels, formulate and adjust related hotel strategies according to the market and customer needs; 了解和掌握国际酒店经营市场的相关信息,完成合作酒店的评估和推荐,根据市场和客户需求制定和调整相关酒店策略; 6.Make regular or irregular business trip to the responsible area, maintain supplier relations, and negotiate in-depth cooperation. Make regular or irregular business trip to the responsible area, maintain supplier relations, and negotiate in-depth cooperation. 定期或不定期到负责区域出差,维护供应商关系,洽谈深度合作。定期或不定期到负责区域出差,维护供应商关系,洽谈深度合作。 Timely understand and track the situation and information of foreign and domestic market hotel products (including new products, markets, basic research, main competition situations, prices, etc.), regularly report the latest progress of relevant business to the company, and be responsible for investigating, tracking, and providing feedback on market information during the development and research period of new hotel products. 及时了解和跟踪国内外市场产品的情况和信息(包括想新酒店产品、市场、基础研究、主要竞争情况、价格等),定期向公司汇报相关业务的最新进展,负责对新酒店产品开发研究期间的市场信息进行调查、跟踪和反馈; 8.Actively communicate and cooperate with other departments, assist in completing other tasks assigned by superiors and leaders. 积极与其他部门沟通配合,协助完成上级领导交办的其他工作。 WELFARE 福利 1 Local insurance. 当地保险。 2 Local holidays and other paid leaves. 当地假期以及其他带薪假期。 3 Holiday gifts. 节日礼物。

Job Requirements

Request 要求 1. 3-5+years relevant experience of hotel mangement or tourism. 3-5年以上酒店管理或旅游经验 2 Speaks Chinese and English farmilialy. 会说中文和英文。

Required Languages

Mandarin, Japanese

Job Details

Position type

Front Office Manager/Hotel Manager


3~5 years

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