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Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for the live broadcast of the platform in English and create your own personal IP. 2. Independently create live broadcast scripts and sort out the live broadcast process according to company arrangements, market hot spots, and fan preferences. 3. Live show products, demonstrate performance, maintain live broadcast order, communicate with European and American fans without barriers, and maintain a good atmosphere in the live broadcast room. Guide fans to interact and consume. 4. Cooperate with the company's graphic and short video content production, the lens feels good, cooperate with the team to complete the shooting work, and simply do some image packaging and content output.

Job Requirements

1. Bachelor degree or above, 18-30 years old with fair skin and beautiful appearance, excellent spoken English; gender is not limited; experience in anchor is preferred; 2. Love technology products, trendy beauty makeup, prefer fashion, have their own feelings about the fan economy, can analyze user needs, and adjust their display methods according to the opinions of fans; 3. Familiar with various social media platforms, FACEBOOK, INS, youtube, understand major brands, foreign celebrity bloggers, and popular trends; 4. Have a certain understanding of the position of the anchor, be able to independently maintain the order of the live broadcast, communicate with European and American fans without barriers, maintain a good atmosphere in the live broadcast room, and have certain marketing and delivery skills; 5. Excellent interpersonal skills and understanding of Western culture. 6. Have a strong sense of responsibility and initiative, good coordination and communication skills; 7. Proactive work attitude and a certain degree of stress resistance.

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