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Job Responsibilities

We are a game company, engaging in an interactive story game which named Secrets:game of choice. If you want to know more about it, you can download the app in Apple store or Google Play. So far, we have produced a lot of excellent interactive stories in game which is a great platform for writers and readers who enjoy interactive stories .We are looking for writers working with a team of editors and illustrators to develop fictional interactive stories. If you are interested, come and join us. Script requirement 1. Experience: Based on writing stories/fictions in Amazon or other story platforms. 2. Stylistic:Mainly accept LGBT themes, other romantic, horror, adventure, werewolf vampire themes are okay. 3. Style: Creative and original; intense plot; dramatic conflict,and eyes-catching from the beginning. 4. Word count: 2.5k-4k words/1 chapter, a total of 15 to 20 chapters 5. Options: At least 10 sets choices per chapter, at least 3 sets paid choices ; every set with paid choice requires 3 options. 6. Format: screenplay, mainly dialogue, supplemented by narration, avoid large narrations. 7. Required Language: English What We can provide: 1. We provide competitive prices. 2. It’s a part time job. You have no need to work in the office. 3. Your story will become an amazing interactive story in game.

Job Requirements

You can choose whatever genre you want but the style should be related to LGBTQ or Romance topics (considering our mostly readers are women) with stunning opening, cliffhangers at the end of every chapters and fast pace.

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