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Job description

1. Responsible for completing all kinds of production tasks assigned according to the requirements of the immediate superior, including but not limited to: translation, proofreading, terminology extraction, quality inspection, translation assignment, native language polishing, etc. 2. Conscientiously complete every project task on time, and constantly improve the quality of the project and my translation skills while ensuring the quality. 3. Have enough time to complete the assigned translation tasks. 4. Work from home


1. Language competence: native speakers of English or Japanese are preferred, with experience in proofreading in native language of translation companies; 2. Quality: good Chinese comprehension ability, written expression ability, strong sensitivity to words; Able to polish manuscripts in their native language 3. Work attitude: modest and studious, serious and careful, patient and highly responsible, with teamwork spirit; 4. Work experience: more than 1 year translation proofreading experience

Required Languages

English, Chinese

Job Details

Position type

Translation / Proofreading



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