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Kids' Harbor English Club
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【Job Description】 Want to experience the very depth of Chinese culture? Interested in getting involved with helping the Chinese nation with their English level? Looking for a professional school where it truly cares for its education quality? As an overseas ESL teacher at Kids’ Harbor English Club, a model of society where multiculturalism, respect for other nations and social skill development of its students are encouraged, you will be able to not only add new teaching skills and experience to your career but also to influence our future leaders with diversity, while enjoying the friendly and hospitable city of Jinhua which represents the real China. As much as we welcome candidates from all over the world to apply, we are looking for hardworking, passionate, reliable teachers with TEFL qualifications and / or at least 1 year of ESL teaching experience who are willing to gain knowledge in teaching young and very young learners and pre-teens. We are interested in professional teachers of different nationalities who have an advanced or proficient level of English and are qualified to teach. At Kids’ Harbor, we teach a maximum of 18 hours a week, covering 6 groups of students aging from 3 to 12 years old. Our students are divided into different groups by their age and lever. We teach each group twice a week, one hour during the weekdays and two hours at the weekend. Our classes are small and co-taught by an overseas teacher and a Chinese teacher permanently, which enables us to really get to know our students and them to have the time and attention needed to reach their potential. Outside the classroom, we track our students’ developments and learning needs. We keep in close contact with parents, keeping them up to date on their children’s progress and offering advice to improve further. We also spend our time planning for our lessons, our school provides teachers with full support including but not only teaching guides, workbooks, flashcards, supplementary material, assessments and props, songs and videos, office / classroom equipment, all of which is available for every teacher. There is one-week induction for all the teachers at the beginning of the contract to get help with understanding the curriculum, examining our teachers’ guide, planning their lessons. We also arrange peer observations for the newcomers. We like to interact with our students before the actual learning takes place. Our Social Club provides students with life-based activities where they can apply and practice what they’ve learnt in class. Reference contact of current teachers available upon request.


【Requirements】 ● Notarized Bachelor's Degree or (above) from Canada, the USA, the UK, South Africa, Ireland, New Zealand or Australia; ● Applicants not from above countries should hold Bachelor Degree of English, Education, etc.; and have advanced level of English with neutral accent; ● No preference for gender or race; ● 120 hour TEFL certificate (two-year experience equals TEFL) or other equivalent certificate such as CELTA / TESOL (or willing to obtain one); ● Notarized Criminal Record Check, valid within 6 months; ● Any experience in teaching young learners is beneficial; ● A spirit of work hard and play hard;

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English Teaching


Mid-Senior level

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