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Shaperwear Designer
Full-time25K - 30K RMB per monthUnited States - New York Queens
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Job Responsibilities

1. Forecast and analyze the market demand of body-building clothes, provide the company with competitive product positioning and design style, design and manufacture body-building clothes; 2. Design products according to product style and market demand, put forward product design ideas, grasp product design direction, and complete design and development tasks; 3. Responsible for following up the whole process of new products from plate making, proofing, fitting feedback and samples; 4. Have a keen market insight, master the popular trend of fabrics and accessories every season, and be familiar with the latest production technology and design process; 5. Follow up the product life cycle and optimize and upgrade the explosive funds in real time.

Job Requirements

1. Shaperwear design, underwear design or related majors, master underwear design knowledge, ergonomics and other knowledge; (relevant experience in Europe, America ) 2. More than three years of design experience in women's body shaping clothes such as Shaperwear , familiar with the knowledge of face accessories, underwear production process, fitting, information and data collection and analysis; 3. Familiar with Photoshop, CorelDRAW, AI and other design software; 4. Passion, creativity and good communication skills.

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More than 10 years

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