Foreign anchor
Full-time20K - 25K RMB per monthNinbo
Hooya Group
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Job Responsibilities

1. Assist in the planning, organization and preparation of store live broadcasting and the adjustment of live broadcasting atmosphere; 2. Be responsible for the reception of the live broadcasting room of the store, be able to answer various problems encountered by customers in the live broadcasting room in time, and improve customers' sense of experience of the company's services; 3. Cooperate with the recording of the live broadcast program of the store and optimize the script of the live broadcast product according to the live broadcast experience; 4. Be responsible for the product sales of the live broadcasting room, passionate is preferred

Job Requirements

1. Aged 18-40 years old, sunny and healthy appearance, standard and authentic spoken English, simple communication in Chinese, and students with performance experience are preferred; 2. Be responsible for live broadcasting of official account, actively interact with audience and fans, share shopping experience and promote the company's products, cooperate with the implementation and implementation of operation marketing activities, and achieve sales objectives; 3. You can have experience or not, as long as you are open-minded, eager to learn, self-motivated and eloquent. 4. Well knowing Chinese prefered

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