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Job Responsibilities

Responsibility: 1. Responsible for expanding the Russian market, exploring potential markets and customers, and completing the sales target; 2. Work with purchasing department to achieve orders; 3. Visit and help customers to solve problems and explore new needs. 职责 1.负责拓展俄罗斯市场,发掘潜在空白产品市场和客户,完成公司制定的销售任务; 2.提出新产品思路,落实新产品的外贸销售; 3.对接采购部门,做好产品的报价采购利润测算等流程; 4.协助采购部门做好产品供应链的开发; 5.协助部门领导完成下达的工作任务。

Job Requirements

Qualifications 1. Russian can be used as a working language; 2. Familiar with the Russian market, more than 1 year of foreign trade sales experience; 3. Russian customer resources are preferred; 4. Strong communication skills, strong ability to work under pressure; 5. Can adapt to short-term domestic and foreign business trips. 资历 1.俄罗斯语可以作为工作语言; 2.熟悉俄罗斯市场,1年以上的外贸销售经验; 3.有俄罗斯客户资源优先录用; 4.沟通能力强,抗压能力强; 5.可适应短期国内外出差。

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1~3 years

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