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Job Responsibilities

Position Description Working hours: Part-time: Dependent on the duration of the class you teach Weekend Full-time: Saturday and Sunday (PST Friday 5PM-10PM, Saturday 2PM-10PM), a total of 13 hours workload per week. You should expect to teach 3~4 classes each week and every class would last 2 hours. For the rest of time, you are responsible for homework grading. Teaching Subject: Writing and reading class, Debate, Journalism, and book reading club. At Reach Out, we understand that education is rapidly modernizing, so we take a very modern approach to our teaching methods. Every student has different learning styles that allow them to perform better, be it visual, aural, verbal, physical or logical. We keep the class sizes small so that the teacher can manage their students on a personal level and help them flourish. In these modern times we understand that education is shifting away from such a strong focus on results driven learning, teaching students what they need to know, just to pass an exam. Hard skills are important in the learning process but increasingly important is the development of student’s soft skills. We are looking for an individual who can dynamically teach English to students while also designing their lessons to maximize student’s soft skills including: social skills, empathy, confidence, patience, public speaking, time management, project management, leadership, emotional intelligence and critical thinking. Responsibilities: 1. In this role you will be giving English classes to small groups of 4-6 students on Saturday and Sunday Beijing Time. 2. We will have class materials prepared for you, and you will also be responsible for ensuring each weekly lesson is delivered properly 3. You will be responsible for marking homework, 18~25 homework assignments every week. 4. Record students’ progress so feedback can be given to parents, you will not need direct contact with the parents as your teaching assistant will do this.

Job Requirements

1. Bachelor degree or above 2. 2 years’ teaching experience is a must (Preferably experience in teaching at an international school. Will consider candidates with sufficient experience from local high schools and training schools.) 3. Native English speaker or Fluent English speaker (Preferably United States accent. Will consider natives from other native speaking countries) 4. Strong organizational skills 5. Great time management 6. Excellent problem-solving ability 7. Good interpersonal skills, particularly with regards to children

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