Finance staff (including overseas Posting) in Russia & India
Full-time15K - 20K RMB per monthOverseas
China Crown Investment Group Co., Ltd.
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Job description

1. Established and improved the financial system and related processes according to the group regulations, and organized the implementation; 2. Responsible for the daily financial operation and management of the company, providing financial and accounting information to the group, feedback early warning information, and put forward reasonable Suggestions; 3. Responsible for tax declaration, tax payment and other tax affairs, ensuring that the company's accounts comply with local laws and tax regulations; 4. Responsible for relevant capital and cash management, timely issue monthly statement and relevant financial statements; 5. Responsible for the supervision of the company's assets, analyzing the inventory deficit, inventory profit and damage, and submitting financial analysis statements in time; 6. Regularly give feedback on the group's operation and financial status, and keep in touch with the group's financial management line. 7. Assisted in the daily administration and personnel work, and other work assigned by the leaders;


1. College degree or above, major in financial management, male, above 25 years old. 2. Good English (English can be used as working language, need to manage overseas financial work); 3. Have solid professional knowledge of finance, accounting and tax, proactive, aggressive and strong learning ability; 4. High sense of responsibility, loyalty and teamwork spirit; 5. Familiar with overseas financial laws, regulations and tax laws is preferred; familiar with overseas financial accounting procedures and rules is preferred. Note: This position requires permanent overseas assignment, with 1-2 home visit per year.

Required Languages

Hindi, Russian, English

Job Details

Position type

Account / Audit / Finance


Mid-Senior level

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