Game Localization(American)
Full-time15K - 20K RMB per monthBeiJing
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Job Responsibilities

1. Provide high-quality in-game localization for local people. 2. Localize the game content for every update after the game release as well as responsible for some of the in-game design in every update. 3. Plan and manage localization schedules, collaborating with Development team and Operation team to define requirements and timelines 4. Responsible for writing and optimizing the events in local community platforms. Also responsible for optimizing customer service FAQ and templates. 5. Collaborate with Marketing and Operation team for writing advertisements. 6. Collaborate with other teams or leaders for the urgent tasks.

Job Requirements

1. Native speaker only. 2. Excellent Localization skills. Have your own opinions of game localization. 3. Experience of localization especially in mobile game industry. 4. Love games. Candidates with gaming experience are preferred. 5. Enthusiastic and good at team work.

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Translation / Proofreading


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