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Mechanist Games
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Job Responsibilities

Mechanist Games is a 300+ strong company with offices in Xiamen, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Singapore, Turkey, and Russia. We employ staff from English speaking western countries in our Xiamen office to work alongside Chinese and international colleagues. We are looking for a native English speaking writer to join a small and elite international team who are producing games for the internet market. Because our games are targeting global markets, not Chinese markets, English language is a priority. If you’ve played lots of role-playing games with heavy story, and are interested in ancient history, philosophy, old religions, and folk lore, then this is a great opportunity. Job Description • Learning and communicating with foreign and Chinese professionals. • Researching ancient history, popular culture, storycraft and current events. • Designing documents for game characters that will be realized by artists. • Localizing game systems at the design stage (not end-pipeline translation). • Submitting your work and receiving feedback from the Chief Creative Officer. Salary & Benefits The total remuneration package averages in the range of 25k-30k RMB/month. Salary makes up 20-25k RMB/month of that, and other benefits (which are fixed, not performance based) account for the rest. Salary growth and advancement opportunities are performance based, as normal. In a normal situation, the company provides a 3-year work visa (along with residence permit), health insurance card, ability to reimburse transport and meal costs if overtime work is required, as well as other benefits. Lastly, Mechanist provides a budget for each department to organize team building activities such as dinners, outings, movie nights, music lessons, or whatever ideas you have for fun!

Job Requirements

Job Requirements • Native speaker of English from the US, UK, Canada, AU, or NZ. • Your English grammar, punctuation, and prose must be excellent. • Experience in script writing for film, TV, or games will be a plus. • Experience in editing of fiction or marketing copy will also help. • Experience in playing many games over many years is valuable.

Required Languages

English, Mandarin

Job Details

Position type

Content Writer/Copywriter


Unlimited experience

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