Interior Designer
Full-time25K - 30K RMB per monthShangHai, HangZhou
BlueTown Decoration
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Job Responsibilities

1, according to the requirements of the project, complete with independent design large-scale project plan and successful case independent space design. 2, according to the project style image collection, complete the project style, business positioning analysis. 3, according to the project requirements, develop a unified project standards, assume project design and audit results, formulate and monitor the specific work arrangements of the relevant designers. 4, according to project requirements, to the project site swing, accessories, supervision and other professional and technical work. 5, familiar with the creation of interior design and construction process, the soft decoration has a more comprehensive understanding and love the industry, able to complete and explain the program, with the ability to check and modify the designer program.

Job Requirements

1, education level: Bachelor degree or above, major in design, art. 2, experience: more than1 years of interior design or related industry work experience, high-end residential projects, models, villas, clubs and other indoor installation design experience. 3, basic skills: able to draw professional drawings, a strong visual ability, skilled operation of AutoCAD, PowerPoint, Photoshop, Office and other office software. 4, basic quality: teamwork and strong sense of responsibility, have strong communication and negotiation ability, have certain analysis ability and work article rational, strong compression ability. 5, special requirements: very strong program expression ability, communication skills and writing ability. 6, foreign people (English speaking, Simple communication in Chinese). Preparation: please take the graduation certificate and works by hiring a well paid, inviting you to join our personnel ability!

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