Kindergarten English Teacher (Shekou Shenzhen)
Full-time20K - 25K RMB per monthShenZhen
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Job Responsibilities: 1, Abide by the professional ethics of teachers and the rules and regulations, love young children, adhere to the positive education, wholeheartedly for children, for parents, strictly prohibit corporal punishment and disguised corporal punishment. 2, The class Yasunori work in full responsibility, strict implementation of the safety system, to prevent the occurrence of accidents. Responsible for, guide, coordinate the class of child safety, health care, education and teaching and class financial custody work to ensure the consistency of class work. 3, The class parents communication and coordination work, class teachers between the division of labor and Cooperation. Four, familiar with the development of each child of the class, according to the characteristics of children, to take appropriate educational measures. Effective for the class of young children good character and behavior habits of training. Pay attention to the class child safety education common sense, and actively deal with the occasional incident of class children, do a good morning inspection, noon inspection work, to eliminate the occurrence of safety accidents. 5, In accordance with the teaching plan to carefully prepare lessons, writing lesson plans, ready to full of teaching aids, to ensure that shift when people to, heart to, hand to. We should constantly improve teaching methods and improve teaching quality. 6, Earnestly implement the kindergarten work procedures, combined with the teaching plan and the characteristics of the young children and the individual differences, timely custom good work plan, and conscientiously implement, adjust, there are planned steps to carry out class education and teaching work, do a good job recording and reflection, and carry on the work summary, accumulate teaching experience, the end of the semester and a good summary. Take the initiative to report the work to the leaders, and feedback the parents ' opinions and suggestions in time. Salary 20-25k rmb/month before tax.


Requirement: 1.Canadian native. 2.With work visa.

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English Teaching



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