KOL(Health care products)
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Job Responsibilities

1、Do live show on company's social platforms (eg. Taobao,JD) 在国内主流电商直播平台上进行直播 2、Introduce company's products and promote items on live show 介绍公司产品并推广

Job Requirements

1、English speaker, fluent in Chinese; 会说中文,英语; 2、 Do live show for 2-4hours for one day;1-3 times a week. 一周直播1-3次;一次2-4小时 3、No work experience limit, but need to have self-confidence and strong performance; 接受新手,但要有自信和较强的表现能力 4、Open-minded, easy-going ,patient and responsible, hardworking; 性格外向,乐于交往,有责任感, 工作认真。 5、Salary negotiable 薪资面议

Required Languages

Mandarin, English

Job Details

Position type

Other technical positions


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