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Job Responsibilities: 1. Responsible for the localization of single or multiple projects, including text translation, dubbing, localization design, etc., and develop weekly localization work schedules to promote the completion of localization work plans for each project. 2. Assist the project team and localization design team with inter-team communications., Ensure that the members of the design team accurately understand the needs of the project team and that the localization design plan is accurately communicated to the project team. Also responsible for ongoing feedback between the two teams during the implementation of the design plan. 3. Communication with outsource translation companies to complete the text translation requirements of each project within the required time, and ensure that the quality of the delivered text meets our quality standards. 4. Responsible for the QA of the project’s English text, and overseeing the QA review and adjustments in other languages by fluent members of the localization team. 5. Other basic localization work, including voiceover dialogue design and review, community & market text QA, and other possible localization work of the project team.


Requirements: - Experience in playing a lot of games, including mobile games and games on other platforms - Knowledgeable of various facets of western culture including (but not limited to) gaming culture, literature, film, music, history, etc... - Familiar with the gaming community and gamer subculture - Native English speaker, strong writing skills - Strong written and verbal English communication skills 工作职责: 1.负责单一或多个项目的本地化需求对接,包括文本翻译,配音,本地化设计等,并制定每周本地化工作排期,推进各项目本地化工作计划完成。 2.协助项目组与本地化设计组沟通,确保设计组成员准确理解项目组需求,本地化设计方案准确传达至项目组,并负责设计方案落地过程中的反馈与对接工作。 3.对接外包翻译公司在需求时间内完成各项目文本翻译需求,并确保外包交付的英文文本质量达到母语水平。 4.负责本项目英文文本QA,并对接组内其他语种成员完成其他语种的QA工作,推进项目组修复错误文本。 5.其他基本本地化工作,包括配音对白设计与验收,社区&市场文本QA,以及项目组其他可能的本地化工作。 岗位要求: - 英语为母语或者有10年以上海外留学工作经验,且具有较强的文案与写作能力以及英语书面与口语沟通能力 - 热爱游戏,具有丰富的游戏经历,包括手机游戏与其他各平台游戏。 - 具有一定的西方文化知识储备,包括西方游戏文化、西方文学、电影、音乐、历史等 - 熟悉游戏社区以及游戏亚文化群

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