Master designer/ Director designer
Full-time10K - 15K RMB per monthShangHai
Shanghai tianfang architectural design co.,LTD
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Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for the overall management of the design department; I was responsible for the main planning, design scheme, color matching and material selection of the project. 2. Assigned the design tasks of the project, supervised and guided the daily work of designers, and reviewed the design of various businesses; 3. Organize the implementation of the company's design projects; 4. Held regular department meetings, planned and arranged learning, communication and summary, and improved the work and business level of all designers; 5. Actively cooperate with customers to complete the design work on time.

Job Requirements

1. Graduated from relevant major with a high degree; 2.Have relevant design and management experience, have the experience of presiding over the design and management of engineering projects, and be familiar with the technical and management knowledge involved in each link of engineering design; 3. Have a high concept of scheme design and creation, have a unique view and pursuit of design, and can carry out targeted design and detail carving of space according to different requirements of customers.Strong manuscript design ability; 4. Have the ability to control and judge and position large and complex project schemes; 5. Capable of leading the design team independently and taking charge of project design, familiar with the whole process from scheme to construction site and design specifications; 6. Be able to hand-draw effect drawings and be proficient in AUTOCAD, 3D MAX, PHOTOSHOP and other related software and related auxiliary design software; 7. Excellent organization, management, coordination and communication skills, strong sense of responsibility, team spirit, strong organization and coordination ability, good sense of innovation and control ability, able to lead the team to carry out work.

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Architectural / Building & Construction



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