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Operation Specialist
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Job Responsibilities

Currently we are looking for some active Foreign Speakers to support us from an offline weekly salon activity for programme start up market research. I need someone to help me organize a salon party to attract more and more foreigners and Chinese participants to join us, the salon could be in every condition. For example. for a one-day trip travel around Guangzhou or Shenzhen, or for a tea/wine/coffee party in-house as well. We have already held a few coffee parties just sit and chat in a coffee shop and concluded that We may lack of a very active guy to make everyone enjoy the meeting. What we need is an operating partner, or, a game organizer is preferred. The one we need MUST be outgoing, likes to organize or join such kind of party in Shenzhen and could design some healthy games (maybe language or cultural games or something else as you like, but I need to know in advance). We provide financial supports for you but we want you to help us expand our user group to more and more people interested in the stuff we are doing.

Job Requirements

‌1. A foreigner with bachlor degree or above,and; ‌2. Will be living in Shenzhen by the end of 2020 and; ‌3.A citizen from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand or South Africa is prefferred, and; ‌4. Are interested in Chinese culture and willing to share your life .

Required Languages

English, French, German, Dutch, Czech, Other

Job Details

Position type

Digital Marketing/Social Media Marketing


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