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Product Manager Resource platform, for Data collectors and Data labelers/annotators Team MarsCrowd is an ambitious, driven team with a mission to transform the AI Machine learning Data industry with the best possible service and programs aiming to support Startups and those companies trying to create a better world through AI. We thrive in a dynamic, high-paced work environment, while we work towards our goal of global expansion and make a better world through Machine learning. You • Enjoy being part of a multicultural team • Get excited by the potential to grow • Proactive in seeking new improvement opportunities for your managed projects and tasks • Able to detect patterns or trends before anyone else • Strong problem-solving abilities • Strong planning abilities • Excellent ability to understand the organization’s goals and objectives Role Responsible for the global operation of MarsCrowd crowdsourcing platform: 1. Overall planning: according to the needs, website / APP overall framework, and functional design planning and content improvement. 2. Operational Promotion: Global crowdsourcing resource user registration growth, in line with development needs, to identify effective user growth points and take advantage of all marketing channels and operational models. 3. Resource management: efficient organization and management of crowdsourcing resources to support the company's crowdsourcing business. 4. Create agile strategies to enlarge, maintain and motivate the crowd 5. Lead the development team towards the required directions for improving the resource platform Occupational requirements: 1. Be familiar with the various marketing channels involved in global operations, and familiar with the rules of each platform operation. 2. Have experience in the operation of overseas To B or To C products. 3. Excellent written and oral English communication skills. 4. Clear minded with experiences in product requirements output and product implementation. 5. Familiar with Artificial Intelligence Machine learning

Job Requirements

Job Qualifications • 3+ years managing an online website project • Detail-oriented with strong communication skills • Comfortability manipulating and analyzing data • Proficiency in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint • Translation industry past experience is a plus • Experience using hubspot is a plus • Experience working with marketing team and development team a plus • Fluent in English

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