Production Manager (Location: India)
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Job Responsibilities

1. To establish and improve the production schedule, 5S, safety and quality management system. To coordinate with all departments to quickly resolve production anomalies according to production plan upon effective output to achieve high efficiency and high quality order fulfillment. 2. Proficient in using lean production management mode to reasonably allocate personnel, equipment, production layout and production load to improve production efficiency. 3. Responsible for the performance assessment and management of production staff to realize the reasonable allocation of human resources. If you are interested in this position, feel free to send your CV to; Wechat ID: hiredchina4;hiredchina7

Job Requirements

1. College degree or above, English can be used as working language. 2. Five years or above production management experience is preferred. 3. Familiar with the production supply process and quality control standards of TV manufacturing machine, module, circuit board, etc. 4. Good ability to work under pressure, manage, learn, communicate, judge and make decisions. 5. Understand and identify with Chinese culture. With working experience in a Chinese company is preferred.

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Manufacturing / Production


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