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Great Health Life Sciences Holdings Limited
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Job Responsibilities

Job responsibilities: 1. Responsible for the registration, reception and introduction of visitors and guests; 2. Able to answer general questions from guests, provide regular reception, and tidy and clean the front desk; 3. Receive visitors and important guests, guide them and introduce the company; 4. Answer the phone, handle general affairs, and timely inform the customer service manager of any important complaints;

Job Requirements

Job requirements: 1. 20-26 years old, good image and temperament, lively and cheerful personality, standard mandarin, certain language expression and communication skills; 2. Affinity, good communication and coordination skills, medical and aesthetic work experience is preferred; 3. Proficient in office and other office software; 4. Full of work enthusiasm and serious working attitude. 5. Working experience in health management or medical and aesthetic institutions is preferred

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