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About the position: The world of video game development is a frenzied jungle where the creativity of artists and developers intersects with the managerial realities of time and resource constraints. Keeping track of all the constantly moving parts of a development team is a monolithic task that requires meticulous organizational skills. If managing and working in this sort of environment fills you with the excitement of facing a worthy challenge, then you might be perfect for our Senior Game Producer position here at Virtuos. We are looking for a detail oriented individual with a passion for video games who can harness their experience in the industry to lead a talented team of individuals and keep projects running smoothly. Virtuos is one of the premier external development companies in the industry, working with notable AAA developers across the globe. We are constantly on the hunt for top-tier gaming talent to join us as we work with some of the biggest names in gaming. Virtuos has been operating behind the scenes of the video game industry for 14 years now and has been actively involved in shipping over 1000+ games to date, with only more to come. There has never been a better time to join as some of the most prestigious developers around turn to Virtuos to help make their dream game into reality. At Virtuos you will work in an environment that prioritizes quality above all else, enabling everyone to go home at the end of the day proud of what they have accomplished. You will stand shoulder to shoulder with incredibly talented coworkers from diverse and multi-cultured backgrounds. Our employees have created the Virtuos of today and are given immense value because of it. Responsibilities: Work in conjunction with the Executive Producer to establish the vision, charters, sprint and milestone goals. Effectively disseminate this information and communicate it to the development team(s). To set goals for the entire game and it’s milestones with a good understanding about the project scope, game market, competitors, and constraints. Responsible for the coordination of feedback from all aspects of the product development. Ultimately responsible for final sign-off on product quality. Responsible for following Virtuos best practice and process required to run a project and manage a team. Required to use scrum methodology for game development to guarantee identified product quality and validate the workflow pipeline of the project. Responsible for organizing the teams work, by establish a communication plan between client, internal cross functional team and cross studio teams. This plan is to consist of the following: - Internal and external meetings - Communication software - Key member contact list - Email - Project reports - Status reports - Defect reports - Project software tracking - General communication and feedback As the owner of the Product Backlog, the GP should create and maintain backlog with the support from the key members of the team. The backlog should represent the project scope, the priority and its content should be clear, measurable and quantified. Has a strong Strategic and tactical planning skillset. Responsible for all client management and maintenance. Responsible for the team ramp up and down during a project. Responsible for identifying and reporting any potential legal issues. Responsibility for general project risk management to include the following: - identification - Collection - Assessment - Management - Communication Ability to manage, assess, train and mentor direct reports. Ability to assist Executive producers and sales people for new project opportunities.


Possess a minimum of 10 years’ experience as a Producer, managing large internal teams within the video game industry (Software Engineers, Artists, Designers, Audio Specialists, Senior Project Managers or Associate Producers etc.) Good working knowledge of Video Games and understanding of how game software is developed. Mature personality, able to manage relationship at senior level, appreciates a multi culture-working environment. Creative, pragmatic, and able to find the best solutions to overcome obstacles and ensure project development. Strong leadership, able to drive various functions through the whole development process. Excellent organizational and analytical skills that help to deliver quality projects within tight deadlines. Strong project management fundamentals. In-depth knowledge and passion for video games. Highly motivated and enterprising. Great communication skill. Chinese and English proficiency preferred. Familiar with Scrum methodology and related software.

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Video / Film / Producer


Mid-Senior level

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