Translators from Chinese to various languages
Transn IOL Technology Co., Ltd.
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Job Responsibilities

Chinese -> English, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Korean, Japanese, Malay, Vietnamese

Job Requirements

Responsibilities 1) Proof-read/translate Cartoons/Novels/Business copies (various language pairs) 2) Responsible for ensuring the product’s final quality. 3) Make changes in a timely manner according to requests from clients. 4) Elicit common translation errors and come up with reasonable solutions. 5) Partake in LQA-related work. Requirements: 1) Good command of the two languages in question, responsible, an eye for detail, and good written skills. 2) Great language and organizational skills. 3) Responsible individual willing to take part in a growing family. 4) Good computer skills and capable of using common office software. Understanding of common translation software is a plus. Salary Competitive salary to be discussed after passing our language tests.

Required Languages

Thai, English, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese

Job Details

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Unlimited experience

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