Expert in inter-cultural communication
41 years oldOther sales positionsCome from RussiaLiving in Overseas
Language: Russian, English
Mandarinnot at all

Communication expert

Project corrdinator
Lummus Technology
Feb 2013 - Aug 2021(9 years)

Executed functions of “process pusher” – communicating with client and home office engineers and managers, accelerating documentation issuance, tracking deadlines as per contract conditions. Assistant to project manager. Focal point for a certain project or tender. Monitoring timeframe, developing simple schedules. Accompanying client’s group of employees during reference visit to partner’s technology units abroad. Everyday work: written translations related to business development (10% of time), responsible for large translation projects. Oral translation during technology conferences, negotiations with Russian and foreign clients and partners, preparation and approval of meeting protocols. Participation in process units start-up and troubleshooting, client’s employees trainings, catalyst loading at the refinery (petrochemical complex).

Marketing assistant, project coordinator
Nov 2010 - Oct 2013(3 years)

Executed functions of marketing assistant — marketing related oral interpretation, written translations from/to English. Executed duties of project coordinator working with foreign clients, executed informational coordination on large projects at the stage of contract signing and also project support and process driver till the stage of putting into operation. Participated in preparation, sending, tracking and correcting of technical and commercial offers. Supported work of foreign auditors in our company, also during negotiations with subcontractors, partners. Participated on meetings not only as interpreter but as a leader/moderator. Prioritized translation tasks, coordinated work of translation group (4 people), reported about their worl. Went to business trips as a leader of a group of employees for training.

Assistant to project manager, interpreter
Jan 2009 - Jan 2010(a year)

Worked as interpreter of foreign citizen (US) – interim CEO of Group, hired for the period of crisis for re-structuring of the company. Oral, written translation, some practice in management and tracking projects, tasks. Preparation of materials for reports, coaching, trainings, feedback to the management. Processing of materials related to economical, financial and administrative activity.

Feb 2003 - Dec 2008(6 years)

Written translation from English into Russian and from Russian into English. Business correspondence and technical translation. Subject – energy, construction, contract and commercial issues. Participation in tenders’ preparation, translation of technical-commercial offers, design and tender documents. Interpreter’s activity at negotiations. English language. Subject: Contracts signing, discussion of projects. Financial, technical issues. Accompanying foreign delegations. Overseas business trips.

LLC «Engineering construction company» (RUSAL)
Apr 2008 - Dec 2008(8 months)

Work within EPCM project of aluminum smelter ‘TAZ’ as part of EPCM team. Participation in negotiations, audits, translation of technical documentation, GOSTs, SNiPs, contracts, audio conferences, edition of translations, business correspondence translation.

Russian Academy of Foreign Trade
, Foreign economy
Sep 2005 - Oct 2008(3 years)

Economics specialis

International University of Business and Management
, Linguistics
Sep 1998 - Oct 2004(6 years)

Interpreter, English language