Government Relation Manager(Mexico)
Full-time60k - 70K RMB per monthMexico City
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Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for the maintenance and improvement of government relations in the Mexican Fintech market, such as CNBV, CONDUSEF, IMSS, SAT, UIF, etc.; 2. Participate in system market expansion and brand promotion, explore new project opportunities, and enhance customer relationships 4. Accurately identify the key decision-making chain characters of customers, and dig, establish, maintain and improve daily relationships; 5. Collection, analysis and feedback of competitive information; Please contact Harvey if you are interested. Wechat:lzp0809hc

Job Requirements

1. 28~40 years old; keen market insight; flexible and novel customer PR skills, fluent in English 2. More than 5-10 years of work experience in Fintech, and more than 5 years of direct customer relationship management experience, including but not limited to work experience in banks, payment companies, CNBV, CONDUSEF and other government departments and financial regulatory agencies 3. Have an overall view, be able to effectively organize and utilize resources, and carry out customer public relations in a systematic and comprehensive manner; 4. Cheerful personality, strong execution, good teamwork spirit Have government resources and background.

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Job Details

Position type

Sales director


5~10 years

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