Financial Accountant based in Russia 驻俄罗斯财务会计
Full-time10K - 15K RMB per monthRussia - Moscow, Russia 俄罗斯联邦莫斯科州
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Job Responsibilities

1. Mainly assist the Group Headquarter Finance Director on the financial management of the branch; 2. Mainly responsible for the branch general ledger accounting, accounting for the whole account and submitted to the head office of the financial director for review; 3. Accurately and timely completion of the branch of the income, transactions, expenses and other related financial accounts accounting work; and 4. Master the enterprise financial system and process, familiar with the relevant tax laws and regulations, familiar with the calculation of taxes, familiar with the tax reporting process; 5. Understand and be familiar with the e-commerce industry, and be familiar with the financial reporting process. Understand and familiar with the work content and business operation mode of the e-commerce industry, and be able to independently deal with the overall accounts; 6. Monitor the daily operation, cost situation, report on abnormalities and propose improvement and treatment programs; and 7. Be responsible for the preparation of accounting statements and the preparation of accounting statements, and financial reporting and analysis; 8. Complete the work tasks arranged by the Finance Director of the Group Headquarter on time. 1. 主要协助集团总部财务总监对分公司财务管理工作; 2. 主要负责分公司总账会计、全盘账务的核算且呈报总公司财务总监审核; 3. 准确及时完成分公司各项收入、往来、费用及其他相关财务科目核算工作; 4. 掌握企业财务制度及流程,熟悉相关财税法律法规,熟悉税金的计算,熟悉税务报表申报流程; 5. 了解和熟悉电商行业的工作内容及业务运作模式、能够独立处理全盘账务; 6. 监控日常经营、费用情况、对异常情况及时汇报并提出改进、处理方案; 7. 负责编制会计报表及编制会计报表明细表,并进行财务报告分析; 8. 按时完成集团总部财务总监安排的工作任务。

Job Requirements

1. College degree or above, proficient in Russian and Chinese; 2. Hold Russian accounting license; have more than 2 years working experience or related professional knowledge; 3. Proficient in the use of office software, able to independently deal with all financial affairs; 4. Strong principle, good moral character, careful and responsible work, have a certain degree of pressure-bearing ability. 1. 大专以上学历,精通俄语,中文熟练; 2. 持有俄罗斯会计资格证;有2年以上工作经验或相关专业知识; 3. 熟练使用办公软,能独立处理全盘财务所有事务工作; 4. 原则性强,品德优良,工作细心负责,有一定的承压能力。

Required Languages

Mandarin, Russian

Job Details

Position type

Accountant/Finance Professional


1~3 years

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